Something Like This Would Be Impossible In Austria …

I just discovered this video which is spread around the social networks.
Something similar would be impossible in Austria, the reason for it is very simple and to say it in Austrian slang: “Wos da Bauer ned kennt frisst er ned”
(English: “What the farmer doesn’t know he doesn’t eat”)

I could lose thousends of words because of the reasons.
But to keep it simple:
The Austrians where teached to only like comercial stuff (Pop and House) in the past.
Just because there were many new clubs and they only played House, Pop and this fucking Apre Ski music.
After a while, most people didn’t even like tracks they heard for the first time, even if they fit their genre.
They don’t know it, so they don’t like it, they won’t listen to it in a club …

I hope this will change in future …
Open your mind!

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